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Application Indexing and the future of Mobile SEO

For the past few months, many people in the SEO and mobile web design industries have been working towards optimisation for both Google and Bing’s new mobile-friendly algorithm updates, which prioritise websites with mobile-friendly design features, like responsive design and tap-to-click buttons. For a long time, the release of these updates was seen as the

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Web Design – How it can Improve Customer Loyalty

According to a report by the Harvard Business School, increasing your customer retention rate by 5% will increase your profit margins by 25% to 95%. Consequently, it is crucial to the long term success of your business that you establish and maintain a loyal customer base. To help you do so, listed below are our

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Web Design – How to Avoid 3 Common Mistakes

In recent years, both small businesses and large corporations have begun to recognise the potential of effective and high quality web designProjects. By creating a unique, engaging website with a mobile-friendly web design, businesses can have a strong online presence, garner customer loyalty and increase their profit margins.  So, how can you ensure that you create

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e-Commerce Websites – 4 Key Features to making Sales

If you are running an e-Commerce business, there is really only one measurement for whether or not your website is working: conversions. How many sales are you making through your online shop? That’s why the best e-Commerce websites are optimised for converting traffic into sales at every level. But, how do they do this? Here

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Was it a bang or a whimper? What really happened in Google’s mobile update?

Google’s mobile update was the first time on record that web designers, website owners, and webmasters received advance warning of a change in Google’s search algorithm. It was an unprecedented move – Google have never confirmed or denied the importance of any ranking factor in their algorithm before – and one that sent the global

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Do you really need to bother with Responsive Design?

There’s no doubt that your company has an impressive website, perfectly showcasing what you do to the world and helping you market your business and bring in new customers. But, you’ve been hearing a lot lately about “responsive design” and may be wondering not just what it’s all about, but whether you need to concern

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7 Tips for Great e-Commerce Website Design

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There are a number of key elements of web design that can sometimes be poorly implemented or at worst ignored completely.  Here at Responsive Design London we have a clear goal when working on e-commerce website design, which are helped by reference to our top 7 tips that we always follow: 1.  Complete Product Details

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5 Colours that Convert

You might think that every part of your website has to fit the corporate branding. But there is a solid reason to consider other bright and bold colours that don’t necessarily feature in the company logo in your web design. Time and again, studies have shown how effective certain colours are when it comes to

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Top 3 tips for a Seamless Responsive Web Design

A recent report by Graphic Evidence revealed that 6 out of 10 adults now use mobile devices to access the internet. However, despite this trend a separate study by Verve highlighted that 44% of mobile users found website navigation to be troublesome on smaller devices. Consequently, it is important that a website hosts a comprehensive

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Are UX Designers the Web’s Architects?

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User Experience – UX The well known design guru, Andy Budd of Clearleft, has pointed out that UX designers are effectively the ‘architects’ of the web, metaphorically speaking of course!  He also believes that these designers have a special responsibility to make the web look and feel architecturally well designed and stable for the future,

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