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e-Commerce Websites – 4 Key Features to making Sales

If you are running an e-Commerce business, there is really only one measurement for whether or not your website is working: conversions. How many sales are you making through your online shop?

That’s why the best e-Commerce websites are optimised for converting traffic into sales at every level. But, how do they do this? Here are four key features every online retail enterprise should incorporate into their web design.

1.  Intelligent SEO

Let’s start with the basics. If people can’t find you, people won’t be able to buy your products. The best way to get found online is to maximise your search engine optimisation. This isn’t just about including key text for the search engines, which are relevant.  But, regular blog updates and unique product descriptions are essential. Think too about strong, descriptive images for visual search engines, which are becoming increasingly popular with younger users.

2.  Make it Easy for Mobile Customers

As smartphone technology improves, the number of consumers who shop on mobile devices has been increasing exponentially. If your site has not been created using mobile friendly design, you will lose out to your mobile savvy rivals. Remember, in e-Commerce your competitors are only a single click away.  So, anything that could turn off a customer is a huge risk for your online shop not converting.

3.  Trust is the Lifeblood of e-Commerce

A shopper will want to be sure they can trust an online retailer before they input their card and address details to purchase an item. This makes the information listed in your About Us, Contact and Personnel pages crucially important. Be sure to give the consumer the sense they are interacting with real people when they buy from your company.  Always provide the correct points of contact should anything go wrong with their order.

4.  Make things Easy

The best web design for a SME size e-Commerce business is one that makes life easy for the customer.  That is using the best User Interface and User Experience (UI and UX). The user needs pages that load quickly, navigation that is intuitive and colours that are easy on the eye when browsing over long periods. Anything that would potentially jeopordise these critical design considerations must be avoided at all costs and jettisoned from your site’s design.

If you want to be sure your e-Commerce website is optimised to convert the maximum number of users, then get in touch with us today. We specialise in creating responsive, mobile friendly e-commerce websites that enhance the User Experience (UX) and make purchasing on the website easier for the customer by making their journey a smooth one.

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