Responsive Web Design

Is your site Mobile Friendly?

There are many small to large companies out there with websites that are still not mobile friendly or truly responsive.  This has potentially been costing those businesses money in lost enquiries or sales due to visitors leaving their site in a hurry!

The situation is now even more serious due to Google’s Mobile Friendly ethos to help users of it’s search engine get what they’re looking for on mobile devices.  Google has confirmed that sites that don’t meet its mobile friendly criteria will be shown lower down the results list.   So, what should you be doing after the Google check shows your site is not mobile friendly?  Simple; just get in touch with us to arrange a discussion about making your website mobile friendly.

Responsive NOT Adaptive!

Our responsive web design will make your website mobile friendly and therefore get your business higher up in the search engines compared to some of your competitors without responsive sites.

We always design fully responsive websites NOT adaptive ones, as the latter can be problematic when new size screens/devices are released by mobile and tablet manufacturers.