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Web Design – How to Avoid 3 Common Mistakes

In recent years, both small businesses and large corporations have begun to recognise the potential of effective and high quality web designProjects. By creating a unique, engaging website with a mobile-friendly web design, businesses can have a strong online presence, garner customer loyalty and increase their profit margins.  So, how can you ensure that you create a successful website that has all the best aspects of great web design that stands out from its competitors?  Listed below are three ways to avoid making the most common web design mistakes.

1. Resolve any Unplayable Content

Unfortunately, there are several types of content which do not work on all mobile devices, such as Flash. It is important that you fix this unplayable content dilemma to prevent mobile device users from leaving your site immediately. To resolve this issue, you can utilise HTML 5 standard tags for all your animation-based business content and opt for video embedding.  This will allow all such videos to be playable across all manner of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop devices.

2. Capitalise on the potential of Social Media

Did you know that more than 43% of all online users are social media fans or followers? In order to remain ahead of the competition, boost your brand’s reputation and increase your profit margins.  Your web design needs to appeal to this vast online audience of potential customers. You should strive to include links to your various business social networking profiles on each web page or blog post. This will encourage users to share your business content via their own social media accounts, which will generate more traffic towards your website.

3. Identify and fix all Slow Loading Pages

A recent poll on business website Entrepreneur highlighted that 57% of users abandon a website if the page takes more than three seconds to load. Consequently, it is crucial to the success of your business that you ensure all of your content loads quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, there are various online resources, such as Google Page Speed Insights, which you can utilise to check the speed of your website. You could also invest in an elastic cloud infrastructure.  This would maintain the quality and accessibility of your content for both desktop and mobile device users.